A stone cabin in the heart of the forest, a breezy wooden cabana on a tropical beach, a cosy chalet nestled at the bottom of a snow-capped mountain… Wherever you’ve found your home away from home, make sure the space is truly sheltered by protecting it with premium insurance.

At Ferrari & Associates, we offer a specialized insurance plan for vacation and seasonal properties. As our home and high-value home insurance packages have become the insurance of choice for many affluent Toronto individuals and families, our team of seasoned experts has devised a menu of elite coverage options for second homes across Canada and around the world. Whether you visit your vacation or seasonal property frequently or sparingly, our insurance brokers can work with you to put together a one-of-a-kind insurance plan that accommodates the uniqueness of your second home, your situation, your goals and your budget. Connect with us today to schedule a meeting at one of our conveniently located offices just outside of Toronto, where one of our specialized brokers can break down the insurance process to you and help you build the plan that’s right for you.