No matter how experienced or careful your drivers, they are still at risk while en route — as are your vehicles. That is why it is vital for business owners to make the smart choice when insuring their commercial trucks. Even in the wake of an incident on the highway, you want your company to continue moving forward. It is our job to ensure that your business is protected from such “speed bumps.”

The team of insurance experts at Ferrari & Associates has put together a menu of services for companies who provide, or are involved with, short- and long-haul trucking. There are many variables to consider and risks to avoid both on and off the road, especially in the case of larger vehicles like trucks. Visit one of our two convenient locations, Vaughan or Oakville, to meet with one of our brokers and discover how our innovative insurance plans can protect your short- and long-haul trucking assets. Our team has taken a 360-degree approach to trucking coverage and will work with you to build a coverage plan that is perfectly tailored to the unique needs, goals and budget of your company.