Toronto is blossoming with building developments and renovation projects, making it the perfect place for contracting companies to set up shop. But in order to stay on top of this extremely saturated market, it is important for Toronto contracting companies to invest in the right insurance, protecting their assets, preventing risk and cushioning their future success.

Ensure that your company thrives by blanketing it with the trusted insurance solutions offered at Ferrari & Associates. We specialize in coverage for every corner of the contractors’ industry, from general contractors, electricians, floor and ceiling installers and glass installers to heating and air conditioning specialists, sewer and drain experts and carpenters. Any Toronto contractor can benefit from our unique insurance policies, which can be tailored to the specific needs, goals and budget of each client. If you are in need of contractors’ insurance in or around Toronto, visit one of our two convenient locations — one in Vaughan, one in Oakville — to meet with a trusted Ferrari & Associates advisor. They will break down the process of insuring your company before assisting you in selecting the insurance plan that’s perfectly tailored for your business.