While working on a construction project, make sure your work is secure from the ground up by making the right insurance choice. Covering the likes of new homes, buildings, renovations and additions, and offsite storage against issues such as fires, floods, theft, vandalism and much more, the broad range of builders’ risk insurance options offered at Ferrari & Associates will protect your construction site, building and property from the first day you break ground. Whether your project is commercial or residential, our coverage options range in size and value, allowing you to build the insurance package that flawlessly suits the unique needs, specific goals and carefully planned budget of your company’s project, and ultimately control, mitigate and avoid risks on your construction site.

To make sure your construction site, building and property are completely covered, visit us at one of Ferrari & Associates’ conveniently located offices, one in Vaughan and one in Oakville, where a member of our highly qualified team of insurance brokers will assist you in selecting the insurance route that best suits your interests — and where our renowned boutique service gives you the tailored attention you deserve.