When beginning a new project, instead of relying on the contractor’s general liability insurance policy, it’s important to protect everyone involved in the project from the threat of third-party and general liability exposures. Ideal for engineers, project managers, architects, owners, developers and general contractors, and for projects such as residential and commercial building or civil work undertakings, the wrap-up liability coverage offered by Ferrari & Associates has been trusted by many prestigious construction projects in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area.

By entrusting your wrap-up liability insurance to the seasoned team at Ferrari & Associates, you can customize your coverage to accommodate the specifics of your project, ensuring you get the most accurate service from your investment. Our team of highly qualified, specialized insurance advisors can navigate you through the process of selecting which services are right for you, ultimately letting you mitigate and avoid risks, protect your integrity and enhance the success of your work. We are conveniently located in the heart of Vaughan, just north of Toronto, and in Oakville, just west. Visit us today to meet with one of our seasoned insurance experts and find the best solution for your wrap-up insurance needs.