Be it for work or play, your boat, yacht or personal watercraft is one of your most treasured assets. You put the work in, keeping it flawlessly maintained, but it’s important to remember to make the ultimate maintenance investment: acquiring proper insurance. Just like with vehicles on the road, boats, yachts and personal watercraft are susceptible to many different variables and risks that need to be taken into consideration.

That is where Ferrari & Associates comes in. Let our seasoned insurance experts be the ones to consider these risks, working to cover your boat, yacht or personal watercraft in a way that protects it, and you, from all angles. Our efficient and in-depth insurance policy options will cover your every risk at the dock and at sea, always staying true to your unique needs and distinct budget. By entrusting your boat, yacht or personal watercraft insurance to our seasoned advisors at Ferrari & Associates, you will achieve a peace of mind that allows you to focus your attention on other, more important things — like savouring your time on the water.

To find out how Ferrari & Associates can build you a better insurance package that is flawlessly tailored to your boat and your lifestyle, visit us at one of our two convenient locations — Vaughan or Oakville, both just outside of Toronto — to meet with one of our trusted specialized insurance brokers. They will walk you through the process of insuring your watercraft and help you create an insurance policy that you feel great about.