• What types of insurance does Ferrari & Associates offer?

    Ferrari & Associates specializes in commercial, construction and personal insurance, with expertise ranging from restaurant and retail operations to home and automotive needs.

  • How can Ferrari & Associates assist me with my financial goals?

    The financial services offered at Ferrari & Associates go hand in hand with our premium insurance services. Being a boutique firm in Toronto, our seasoned financial experts work with our clients to build unique financial plans that cover everything from budgeting to will and estate planning.

  • With so many options, how will I know what type of insurance I need?

    Ferrari & Associates offers a wide variety of unique insurance options, but our brokers will navigate you through the menu of services to help you curate a plan that is perfectly tailored to your distinct needs, goals and budget. Our goal is to understand you thoroughly so that we may best inform and guide you through the insurance process, all the while educating you to ensure you comprehend the relationship between your assets and your new policy.