It is important to be prepared for life’s greatest risks, including being confronted with a short- or long-term disability. When disability arises, your personal income and savings may not be enough to cover your revised cost of living. This is why it is essential to invest in short- or long-term disability insurance, which will provide you with a financial cushion to assist you as you adjust mentally and physically to your new lifestyle.

Ferrari & Associates has been assisting individuals with their short- and long-term disability insurance needs since our foundation in 2009. Our seasoned team of insurance and financial professionals is dedicated to providing you with the thorough, one-on-one service that our boutique firm has become renowned for across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our plan options for short-term disabilities and long-term disabilities vary and are malleable to suit your unique needs, goals and budget.

Let the experts at Ferrari & Associates help to ease you and your loved ones through this difficult time with our premium insurance services. Connect with us today to discover how one of our brokers can help you build an insurance plan that gives you peace of mind.