Whether you’re planning to swim with the dolphins in Cuba, climb Table Mountain in Cape Town or gaze up at the Eiffel Tower in Paris — whatever corner of the world you’re about to cross off your bucket list, worry is not something you should be packing with you. It is vital to invest in proper travel insurance before embarking on your next adventure, sparing you the anxiety of not being covered and, in the case of an accident abroad, saving you an immense amount of time, stress and pain.

At Ferrari & Associates, we have specialized in boutique travel insurance since our inception in 2009. We have aided many travelling Torontonians on their journeys by insuring their travels, covering their distinct needs in a way that accommodates their unique budget. The team of trusted insurance brokers at Ferrari & Associates works with our clients to ensure the safest of trips, and in the case of an overseas incident, we are right there to make sure they are properly and efficiently taken care of.

For business or for pleasure, you want to experience a problem-free trip. Ferrari & Associates can help make that happen. To find out how, connect with us at one of our two convenient locations and meet with one of our advisors, who will navigate you through the process of insuring your travels.