Your private collections are some of your most precious assets, not only in terms of material worth but also their immense sentimental value. Whether you collect fine art, jewelry, wine or all of the above, and whether you keep them stored out of sight or display them regularly, safeguard your treasures with the right insurance coverage plan.

The team of specialized insurance brokers at Ferrari & Associates has devised a menu of elite coverage options that are tailored exclusively for high-value collections such as these. Since private collections are so diverse, our coverage is designed to be malleable and adjustable to accommodate the unique specifications of your assets. By entrusting the insurance of your private collection(s) to our highly qualified insurance experts, you will not only be satisfied with the unique, boutique-style service offered at Ferrari & Associates, but you will also find peace of mind, letting you devote your attention to enjoying your lovingly acquired belongings.

To discover how Ferrari & Associates can cover your personal art, jewelry and/or wine collections, connect with us today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialized brokers. They will walk you through the process of insuring your private collection(s) and help you build a plan that is appropriate for your assets, your goals and your budget.