Like most industries, the surety bond space is evolving from paper to digital documents. Electronic tendering is a newer development in the construction industry, replacing the bond execution process that had been used for generations previously — a signature and seal on the bond form by the principal and surety, then having the document physically delivered to the obligee.

At Ferrari & Associates, our e-bonding services provide the technology to create, record, execute and deliver bonds in an electronic format, allowing the contractor to transact their bonds online. This creates a simpler, faster and hassle-free experience for all parties involved in the transaction, allowing our clients to invest spared time on the next phases of their project.

The privacy of our clients is top priority. The e-bonding services provided by the financial experts at Ferrari & Associates are secure and reliable, so our clients can experience the convenience of digital bonding cushioned with peace of mind.

To discover how our e-bonding services can assist you in your next construction project, contact us at one of our two convenient locations — Vaughan or Oakville — to meet with one of our seasoned e-bonding experts.