If you have a restaurant, bar or catering business based in Toronto, you can benefit from the insurance policies offered at Ferrari & Associates. In this highly competitive and risk-saturated market, it is vital for restaurant, bar and catering company owners to ensure their assets are covered and that they mitigate risks whenever possible. That is why our unique restaurant insurance plans exist: to keep you in control of the negatives, and to enhance the positives, that you will inevitably encounter in this exciting yet tumultuous business.

From crime and general liability to business interruption and equipment breakdown, Ferrari & Associates offers an array of services to keep your assets safe and give you peace of mind. We have two convenient offices located just outside of Toronto — one in Vaughan and one in Oakville — to efficiently serve the restaurants, bars and catering companies in and around the city. Schedule a meeting with one of our trusted insurance brokers, who will walk you through the process of insuring your restaurant, then guide you in putting together a custom insurance policy that covers the unique needs of your business without straying from your goals or budget.

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