Elite homes deserve elite insurance. Protect your most important asset with Ferrari & Associates, one of Toronto’s preferred boutique insurance firms. If your home is valued at over $1 million, is custom-built and/or houses collections of jewelry, wine or fine art, it qualifies for our high-value home insurance policy.

Ideal for those who have a little more to protect, the high-value home insurance offered at Ferrari & Associates is an easy and efficient way to put your mind at ease and safeguard your home and its precious contents. And with our highly specialized insurance brokers at your side to advise and guide you throughout the process and develop a flawless insurance policy to suit your unique home, you can breathe easy and savour life whether you’re at home or away, without letting risk-related anxiety interrupt you. To discover how Ferrari & Associates can insure your high-value home in a way that keeps you comfortable and confident every day, connect with us to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations. Our team of seasoned insurance advisors will start the conversation that will change the way you view your home insurance.