One of the key components of a successful retail shop is being covered by the right insurance policy. Anyone who has made a career out of retail knows that there are countless variables to consider when running a shop, and it can be difficult to stay on top of all the risks at once.

At Ferrari & Associates, our team of certified brokers has composed a menu of specialized services for retail businesses. These services include tenants’ legal liability, seasonal increases, stock coverage, stock spoilage, crime coverage (including employee dishonesty), employment practices liability, commercial general liability, business interruption and more. One of our specialized insurance brokers will meet with you to discuss your unique situation and tailor an insurance plan that covers all the needs of your business without straying from your goals or your budget. Visit us at our Vaughan location or our Oakville location to discover how Ferrari & Associates can help protect your retail business from the risks of the trade. By trusting us with your shop’s safekeeping, you as a business owner will experience peace of mind — something that will ultimately help keep you on top of the Toronto retail game.