Since our foundation in 2009, Ferrari & Associates has been aiding developers in leveraging their projects by providing them with developers’ surety. Developers’ surety serves the homebuilder and the residential development industry in the form of Tarion Warranty Corporation Bonds, Condominium Deposit Insurance, Subdivision Bonds and Purchaser’s Deposit Bonds.

It is important for developers to acquire developers’ surety before embarking on their next substantial endeavour as it ensures they start their project on a strong foundation, and that they have already developed a sturdy relationship with their potential buyers.

At Ferrari & Associates, we believe in developing that same trustworthiness and strength in the relationships we foster with our clients. If you are a developer in need of developers’ surety for your next commercial or residential development, connect with us today to discover how we can aid you in lifting your plans off the ground efficiently and confidently. Visit us today at one of our two convenient locations just outside of Toronto — 129 Rowntree Dairy Rd. in Vaughan or 1525 Cornwall Rd. in Oakville — to meet with one of our seasoned insurance and financial brokers, who will walk you through the process of acquiring developers’ surety.