Coverage for the condominium building itself is usually the responsibility of the condominium association, but if you own a unit in the building and are currently residing there, it is important to keep your own property protected from the various risks that are unique to condominium living. As a condo owner, you require insurance for your personal possessions and for any improvements you make to the unit, as well as insurance for common areas.

At Ferrari & Associates, our team of specialized insurance brokers has been serving condominium unit owners for almost a decade. With a boutique-style service menu and one-on-one consulting program, Ferrari & Associates ensures that each client is given a thorough explanation of their coverage options and expertly navigated through the oftentimes complex matter of condominium insurance. Our promise to our clients is to build them a comprehensive and powerful insurance package that is perfectly tailored to their unique condominium unit, their lifestyle and their budget.

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