Whether your business relies on a small fleet of vehicles or your company has its own fleet of vehicles, protect your automotive investments with Ferrari & Associates’ specialized insurance plans for commercial automobiles and fleets in Toronto.

From compact Smart cars to 18-wheel transport trucks and everything in between, today’s vehicles demand endless high-quality maintenance and care, not only on the car bodies themselves but also in terms of their insurance. There are a lot of risks surrounding the ownership of a vehicle, let alone a whole fleet, so it’s essential for business owners to choose an insurance plan that effectively mitigates risks and enhances the longevity of your investments.

The team of insurance professionals at Ferrari & Associates is prepared to navigate you through the process of insuring your commercial vehicles, tailoring your plan to your needs and budget to allow you to control and prevent your business’s automotive risks. And with our two conveniently located offices — one in Vaughan and the other in Oakville, both situated in the epicentres of their respective cities — our team of experts can serve you in a place that is easily accessible to you.