Toronto manufacturing insurance is a complex and dynamic necessity for any product-producing company. The manufacturing industry is prone to an array of significant circumstances that could potentially have a positive or negative impact on your business, among them being competing companies, the strength of the Canadian dollar, target markets and much more. Because of how unreliable and fluctuating these factors can be, it is important for manufacturing companies to make the right insurance choices and protect their assets for unexpected bumps along the way.

Ferrari & Associates is a boutique insurance firm that works with clients to create a custom insurance plan that suits their needs, goals and budget. Our manufacturing insurance services will ensure that your company is kept safe from the undependable variables that surround it, so that when everything around you dips, your business doesn’t. Some of our manufacturing insurance services include property, motor truck cargo, environmental liability, products liability and product recall. Meet with one of Ferrari & Associates’ advisors at one of our two convenient locations to discover how our plan can minimize your risk inside and outside of the workplace, and ultimately protect the prosperity of your business.