Jewelry Insurance: To Insure or Not to Insure?

Your jewelry collection holds both material worth and sentimental value. Whether it be an engagement ring, a brand-new watch or a ring passed down from generations, Ferrari & Associates encourages you to safeguard your most precious assets with the right insurance coverage plan.

The most common reason people insure their jewelry is in case of loss. It happens to the best of us! When you lose a piece of jewelry, you lose more than just its sentimental value — you lose an investment. Without coverage, that diamond ring or expensive watch you spent years saving for is forever gone and your chances of finding it and replacing it are slim to none.

Consider travelling. Travelling to different parts of the world and carrying expensive jewelry can make you a target for theft, as it is common for criminals, particularly jewel thieves, to situate themselves in tourist spots. It’s also worth noting that during our travels, many of us like to explore land and water, living out our most adventurous dreams. The chances of losing jewelry while abroad are typically higher as most of us tend to be much more active during this time.

Theft is a hard reality, but the truth is, theft is a lot more common than we think. Often, burglars leave their victims traumatized and heartbroken. At Ferrari & Associates, let us do our part to protect your assets, ensuring that, although traumatic, such an experience does not have to be catastrophic.

Accidents happen. You’ve heard that statement before and it’s probably proven itself to be true one time or another in your life. Missing a diamond on your watch? Accidently bang your ring on the wall? The cost of replacement and repair of your jewelry is covered with an insurance policy from Ferrari & Associates.

Understandably, the cost of insuring your jewelry will depend on your collection and what exactly is being covered. Our goal is to ensure you wear your jewelry with confidence and pride. Whether you are expressing your sense of style or telling your story through your great grandmother’s ring, we want you to enjoy the moment without worrying about damage or loss.

To learn more about Ferrari & Associates’ jewelry insurance, contact one of our brokers at 1-888-467-8989.