Jewelry Insurance: To Insure or Not to Insure?

Your jewelry collection holds both material worth and sentimental value. Whether it be an engagement ring, a brand-new watch or a ring passed down from generations, Ferrari & Associates encourages you to safeguard your most precious assets with the right insurance coverage plan. The most common reason people insure their jewelry is in case of… Read more »

Insuring Your Wine Collection

For many wine lovers, it can take a lifetime to build a collection of fine wines. For these individuals, the years of searching the world’s wineries for the finest vintages is not simply a hobby, it is a passion. Serious wine collectors understand the need to protect their wine cellars. If something unexpected occurred to… Read more »

Let’s Fly Away — The Importance of Travel Insurance

Here’s a scenario many travellers can relate to: You’re in a cab on your way to the airport for a well-deserved tropical Caribbean getaway, after countless days of long hours at the office. During the ride, you start doing the final last-minute checklist in your head: “Do I have everything I need?” (i.e., shorts, bathing… Read more »

Condominium Insurance: It’s Not a Matter of Want, It’s a Matter of Need

There’s a common misconception that often permeates the property ownership world that condominium owners don’t need household insurance, as they think that it’s covered in their monthly common expense payment. Think again. It is true that condominium corporations must have insurance on a building, typically in the form of a building insurance policy. It doesn’t… Read more »

Summer’s here. Are you fully covered?

With the arrival of summer comes sunny weather. The sunny weather often translates into people going outside, enjoying all the outdoors has to offer and engaging in recreational activities. This can include going up to the cottage, taking the boat out on the water or going for a leisurely drive. Aside from having a good… Read more »

Is insurance for small businesses necessary?

Insurance for your office or small business provides you with clarity and protection for both your personal life and business life. Unfortunately, many small business owners (especially those with startup businesses) often overlook commercial insurance, as they feel it is an expense or luxury best suited for well-established businesses. Every business is unique and, therefore,… Read more »

Why do I need builder’s risk insurance?

Toronto builder’s risk insurance is a type of property insurance that covers any damage done to buildings during construction, protecting the developer’s materials and equipment being used throughout the construction process in case they are damaged by a covered cause. This type of insurance is crucial when building a residential, commercial or any other type… Read more »