Why do I need builder’s risk insurance?

Toronto builder’s risk insurance is a type of property insurance that covers any damage done to buildings during construction, protecting the developer’s materials and equipment being used throughout the construction process in case they are damaged by a covered cause.

This type of insurance is crucial when building a residential, commercial or any other type of structure, especially for builders of mid-size or smaller custom homes. Buildings are subject to an array of risks while they’re under construction — they could catch fire, suffer damage from the elements like high winds or ice storms or even be defaced in acts of criminal mischief. All these risks and more are covered under the builder’s risk insurance policies offered by Toronto-based Ferrari & Associates, which can often be written in terms of three months, six months or 12 months.

The process of constructing a home — or a series of homes — can be tumultuous at the best of times, which is why it’s essential for builders to invest in a customized builder’s risk insurance package from Ferrari & Associates. By covering your project with an extensive, customized plan, not only will you protect your work-in-progress from harm, but you will also ensure the peace of mind of yourself, your team and, of course, the future homeowners.

To discover how Ferrari & Associates can build you a builder’s risk insurance plan that works for you, your project and your budget, connect with us today to schedule an obligation-free consultation with one of our specialized insurance experts. We exist to help navigate our clients through their projects and ensure that they can do their job effectively, efficiently and comfortably. And for the builders of mid-size and small custom homes, nothing can secure that more than a personalized, in-depth builder’s risk insurance plan.